Persian New Year Parade, 2009

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Iranian-Americans gathered in New York City on Sunday, March 29, 2009 to celebrate the Persian New Year (Norouz) with a parade which included cultural and traditional Persian music, dance and other New Year’s festivities. Click here to look at a video from the parade.


“It’s Not a Hobby!”

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Besides teaching English at Towson University, John Mancini is a writer and musician; he has a band called The John Mancini Band to which he dedicates a lot of his time and energy. John does not consider writing and making music merely as his hobbies, but as his two true passions. Read more >>

The Wild Irish Roses Band

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Kaitlyn Likas talks about her band, The Wild Irish Roses, in which she performs with her older sister, Jessica Likas. The sister duo features Irish Step dance and dueling fiddle music. Kaitlyn talks about how the band got started, her inspiration and future plans. Read more >>